Thursday, July 15, 2010

Southwest Fiesta Bracelet

Every now and then I get some custom orders and I forget to or don't have time to take a picture of their jewelry piece. I need to be better at doing that. All that work and then it is forgotten and I have to either rethink it for someone else or that is one less idea not in my portfolio.

Here is a piece I just finished for my neighbor's mom. She picked out most of the beads and handed it to me and said "make me a bracelet with this!" ha!

I think it turned out beautiful. I am so thankful for the challenge to design something and I would have never dreamed of using these beads together. I am so glad she trusts me!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chains and Charms Necklace "Spring/Summer"

Last week, Linda and her daughter, Marcy took
my Chains and Charms class. They were so
nice and very talented! I borrow these pics from her website! I can barely get pictures of my own! How sad is that? This is her finished Chains and Charms necklace she didn't waiver too much from my design. Marcy made one similar- more simple with ocean charms and deep purple beads. It turned out fun! I love this design and colors, it just makes me happy!

I am letting this class take a breather until September then I think I will make a Fall version of it. We have some leaf charms at Ben Franklin that would look great with Amber and brown beads or some more of that deep purple, Marcy used!

We have topped it off with one of my favorite toggles. A great reminder: "Life is Good"!

Here is Marcy and Linda's ebay store. Or check them out on Facebook.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Where I live it seems the chunkier the jewelry the better! So every now and then I like to go back to something delicate and simple. My friend Cassie inspired me for this design and she was inspired by a certain high-end catalog. But I have definitely made it my own.

This will be another class I will teach at Silk Petals in Farmington, Utah in August. The technique you will learn here is how to coil wire, and coil and coil! It is just another way to connect beads into a chain or charm or earrings and much less chance of it falling apart on you.

This necklace is made with fresh water pearls pewter charms and Swarovski crystals with a stainless steel chain that is one of my absolute favorites!
This class will be kitted and the cost will be $35 at Silk Petals.
To purchase already made is $50

I hope you enjoy this one. I think it will become one of my "go to" necklaces.

What are some of your "go to" jewelry?

Junkyard Gems Bracelet

I have been teaching this bracelet for over 2 years! I found the original in a beading magazine and thought is was beautiful. Just my style. It was my first attempt at striking out on my own for a class. My idea and I had no clue how it would be received. Well, two years later and I am still teaching it! This is my revamped version of the "Yoga" bracelet.

For my oldest daughter's birthday this year, I had an idea to use some leftover beads and make her a bracelet using her favorite colors, turquiose and brown. The result was so fun! I can't believe it took me that long to figure that out! When I showed it to my friend she said, "It's a Junkyard Yoga!". I loved that! And so inspired me to change my business name! And rename this bracelet to be the Junkyard Bracelet, since you can use just about any small beads and make it beautiful. It is made with a spiral technique, using a needle and Fireline.

I will be teaching this again at Silk Petals in Farmington. My first class there went great! I met the most fabulous, stylish ladies that have never beaded before! They were super! And having Wade and Connie there to keep us company was a blast!

I had this made into a kit and the for the kit and the class - I thought it pretty reasonable, just $25! You can choose between the one with the copper clasp and stones or white and clear glass.

I do not have a schedule ready for Silk Petals but I am working on it for August. Let me know if you are interested.

Beach Glass Necklace

Last month, I had to fill in my classes for July at Ben Franklin Crafts. I mostly had repeat projects but I wanted to do
something new and fresh for July. You could tell my mind was missing the beach and the outdoors. This helped me with my name for this piece, Beach Glass. Yep, Summer had hit me! So I picked up all the supplies I thought I would need to make the idea I had in my head. ...And then I sat on it. With June here and all my 6 children at home and the house falling apart around me, my creative juices were depleted. Well, nothing helps motivation like a deadline! This coming Wednesday is my class and do you think anyone has signed up for it? No. Why would anyone sign up for something unseen?
So yesterday, I made myself "get er done"! And I love the outcome! It seems letting an idea stew in my brain is a good thing!
This class is available to take on Wednesday, July 14, 2010, Wednesday August 4, 2010 at Ben Franklin Crafts, Kaysville, UT (801) 444-1177 for sign up. $17 class fee +supplies (supply est. $20-25) Availability of sample beads may vary.

It is also available for purchase from me for $40.

Note: The pendant is removable. I will post pendant options.