Thursday, January 13, 2011

Peyote Posies!

I finally did it! I have been wanting to do this bracelet forever, ever since I saw the pattern! At first we didn't have the flowers and leaves but then our scrapbooking department brought them in! I wish I could say it is my own design but at least I could do it AND teach it! (BTW- My first class for it is on Wednesday January 19th at 6-7pm ) I think I will have to teach it in 2- 1 hour classes and send home homework.

My pictures do not do it any justice. So, if you live close by, stop into Ben Franklin and see it in person at the Bead Shop. I am completely in love!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

January Classes - Be Inspired!

My friend Natalie gave me a small picture of a bracelet she liked and attached to the picture the note: "Misti, Can you make this?" Of course! Finding the time is another story. The picture did inspire me to make this! A brass/copper version on the silver bracelet in her picture. (Sorry - if my scanner were hooked up I could show you that one.)

I used our new Vintaj product at work to hammer in the word HOPE for the charm. A little stone and topaz crystal for the rest and I love the final outcome! I am sorry the picture is so bad- I can only work with natural light for a good pic. And it was awfully dreary that day...I called this one Vintaj Hope and the class is this Wednesday January 5th! My second inspired project is from a well known catalogue....and I ain't sayin'! But it did cost $328. Seriously!! They did use leather and sterling silver. The silver is not in my budget. Here is the original. And I understand correctly, I must change it 20% for copyright laws. I think I succeeded.
For this class you'll learn how to knot pearls but I added a twist using 2 strands of silk to mimick the necklace above.

This class is on Wed. January 12th. And you can use any pearls, beads and charms you want and make it your own. My "knock - off" version: Just under $30! (plus the class fee is $15)

I call this one Monterey Bay. I chose charms that remind me of the beach. Driftwood, funky trees, beach glass, coral and butterflies.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Blackberry Jam and 4th of July in December

My niece emailed me the other day to have me make her favorite Junkyard bracelet for her best friend this Christmas. She said purple was her favorite color. So, I picked my favorite mix. Blackberry Jam. A little black, purple and white, add some silver to the mix and it is the perfect recipe for something fun and cute. Here is my set up. This with a little TNT.TV on the computer and I am set! Yes, my ring is off. It is stinkin' cold in this room and it keeps flipping on me. buggy!

Blackberry Jam Junkyard! And the clasp reads, "The Moment is Now".

Here is another order I needed to finish before Christmas. The request: A fourth of July watchband! I guess the recipient has begun to collect holiday watchbands. Making it sure made me ready for parades and fireworks and the warmth of Summer!

(Sorry about the flash- It is so dreary outside I can't find good light.)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Family Party on Sunday-Sneak peak- bring your strechy pants!

All of the food assignments have been made for our family party on Sunday and I resolved (on advice) not to worry about any cooking, but to concentrate on just providing the home for it.

Need I remind you, I have six kids!! Doing that is a task - like shoveling in a snowstorm! But I love to take on that kind of challenge. Not because I love to clean...heavens no! But because my children seem to be able to step it up more when there is promise of company in the near future. One day, I had given a couple of my younger children the task of washing walls. They did it my surprise. Then one of them asked me, "When will Uncle Kirk be here?" So... bring on the company!!!

Well, for anyone that knows me well, knows I would rather cook then clean. And cleaning the kitchen is only a necessity to begin the next cooking adventure.

Now, I am by no means a food blogger. For one reason, I would never be able to hold off the animals long enough to take a picture of our food. I have actually have tried. But I do stalk food bloggers on a daily basis though. One of my absolute favorites is... And this is one of the reasons why... (I stole this picture from her.) I was going to stick to my no cooking anything policy....

But then this came along. Chocolate Cookie Dough Dip. Where have you been hiding?

Who am I kidding? I love cooking! Especially, for family, friends and strangers, it brings me joy!

Now please help me decide what to dip in this besides a spoon!!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Temperance -Naughty or Nice? or Bad Mommy

So, after having my six kids and having babysat many preschoolers while my first ones were small...I dreamed of the day when I would just have 1 or 2 kids at home during the day. Just think of all the housework I could get done! Well, many years later and many years that I gave up personal fun like scrapbooking, etc. The day arrived when, at last...1 child at home! Whoopee!!! Happy - Happy - Joy - Joy!!!
I am not sure if anyone ever told me or I just didn't listen to them but having one at home is no picnic! I am her only source of conversation and entertainment! Do you know how long and high pitched a 3 year old can talk?

Here is where I make my point. All day today, said 3 year old, nagged me. "Mom,..can you.. ?Mom, ...can you? Mom...can you..?" Finally, the last straw. "Mom, can you get me a glass of milk?" Simple, right. Not after - I have been at her beckon call all morning. I answered after her 3rd request. "No. I am working." (Sounds mean now.) "I will not get you a drink right now." Silence. Quiet......long pause...... "Mom...I'm going to tell Santa."
What comes around, goes around....Looks like I am getting coal for Christmas.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Crazy Coupon Mommy

I subscribe to a few giveaway sight like Frugal Girls and such. Oh how I wish I could win SOMETHING! Anything! How fun would that be?
So, I just discovered Crazy Coupon Mommy on Facebook. They posted a giveaway for a backyard bouncer. And I must admit, there are some cool ones. My house would be the life of the neighborhood!
See for yourself. Go to: http://www.deals4dummies/2010/12/bouncehouse/

Friday, December 3, 2010

Chaos!! But pretty things come out of Chaos!

So, this is what my craftroom/workout room look like right now!
After my 3 day binge of making jewelry for the Annual Neighborhood Boutique. This is what my life looks like. Everything gets put on hold and before I know it I am scrouging around for underwear for my 3 year old. Just calling like it is. I am no Martha!
And there is more. (That is my #2's pj pants in the bottom corner somehow this is a better room to change in when he is in a hurry for school and getting clothes from the laundry room.)
But this is the reward. Ahhhh... shiney! Enjoy!