Sunday, September 5, 2010

Simplicity, Breathe and Listen...rules for me to live by.

The other night I was frustrated because the seedbead bracelet I was working on for a class was turning out to be not great class material- too challenging for me to see it correctly (15/o seed beads- aaghhh!) so I knew it would be that much more difficult to teach. As I sat looking for inspiration in our beading books, I came across a book that had this funky odds and ends for jewelry making. I loved the look of it! But we carried nothing like that....or so I thought!!!

I took a stroll over to the scrapbooking aisle and low and behold there were the "Idea-ology" by Tim Holtz! The scrapbooking manager was slowly bringing in the line. I grabbed what I could and got to work. I tried a new technique with alcohol inking. Pretty fun!

The tags are perfect for me. Simplicity, Breathe and Listen....I need to be reminded of that often! Too bad, when I wear this I can't see it! hmmm....matching bracelet?

I am thinking this will perfectly replace the seedbead bracelet. :)

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