Monday, January 3, 2011

January Classes - Be Inspired!

My friend Natalie gave me a small picture of a bracelet she liked and attached to the picture the note: "Misti, Can you make this?" Of course! Finding the time is another story. The picture did inspire me to make this! A brass/copper version on the silver bracelet in her picture. (Sorry - if my scanner were hooked up I could show you that one.)

I used our new Vintaj product at work to hammer in the word HOPE for the charm. A little stone and topaz crystal for the rest and I love the final outcome! I am sorry the picture is so bad- I can only work with natural light for a good pic. And it was awfully dreary that day...I called this one Vintaj Hope and the class is this Wednesday January 5th! My second inspired project is from a well known catalogue....and I ain't sayin'! But it did cost $328. Seriously!! They did use leather and sterling silver. The silver is not in my budget. Here is the original. And I understand correctly, I must change it 20% for copyright laws. I think I succeeded.
For this class you'll learn how to knot pearls but I added a twist using 2 strands of silk to mimick the necklace above.

This class is on Wed. January 12th. And you can use any pearls, beads and charms you want and make it your own. My "knock - off" version: Just under $30! (plus the class fee is $15)

I call this one Monterey Bay. I chose charms that remind me of the beach. Driftwood, funky trees, beach glass, coral and butterflies.

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