Friday, December 10, 2010

Temperance -Naughty or Nice? or Bad Mommy

So, after having my six kids and having babysat many preschoolers while my first ones were small...I dreamed of the day when I would just have 1 or 2 kids at home during the day. Just think of all the housework I could get done! Well, many years later and many years that I gave up personal fun like scrapbooking, etc. The day arrived when, at last...1 child at home! Whoopee!!! Happy - Happy - Joy - Joy!!!
I am not sure if anyone ever told me or I just didn't listen to them but having one at home is no picnic! I am her only source of conversation and entertainment! Do you know how long and high pitched a 3 year old can talk?

Here is where I make my point. All day today, said 3 year old, nagged me. "Mom,..can you.. ?Mom, ...can you? Mom...can you..?" Finally, the last straw. "Mom, can you get me a glass of milk?" Simple, right. Not after - I have been at her beckon call all morning. I answered after her 3rd request. "No. I am working." (Sounds mean now.) "I will not get you a drink right now." Silence. Quiet......long pause...... "Mom...I'm going to tell Santa."
What comes around, goes around....Looks like I am getting coal for Christmas.


  1. Love it! Too bad you don't live closer and you can send Tempe over to visit us. I get to listen to Chloe's screaming (she refuses to talk) and Ellie talking to me ALL day long.

  2. LOL! I have a solution for that find a neigher kid to babysit. Ha ha! We miss you guys we need to get together! Torrey will be moving back in Jan. and Natalie in the summer.

  3. I know I need to find someone to swap more playdates with. I was hoping the dog would entertain her, but he pretty much hates her. The gerbils are helpful, but ya know, one died and they do chew up her clothes while she is wearing them. So I have to make sure she is wearing her gerbil shirt. blah.
    Do the Walkers know where they will be moving to?

  4. I only had one. She started talking at just a few months old, including yelling NO at her Dr. at her 6 month check. By one she was in full sentences, and reading by 18 months. By three she was classifying animals by kingdom and phylum, identifying all the bones in her body, coloring the white cat with washable markers, and reading A.A.Milne aloud to me to make me laugh. She turned 13 Saturday. I miss her every day the whole time she is at school. Every Fall I cry the week this separation begins, and each summer I celebrate having her back with me. I enjoy her friends. I lover her arguments that ideally Anarchy is the way the world should operate because every individual acting morally because they should would eliminate the need for all government and law. I love the species she designs based on genetic traits of other species that could potentially breed and evolve over the course of thousands of years. I love her gentleness with other youth that have "disabilities" in others eyes. She finds talents they have been blessed with, special strengths that in the safety of her friendship they express. Having only one lets me know the wishes of her heart, the testimonies of her soul, the strength of her spirit, and the glow of the intelligence transformed by God, and placed in my arms. I know other mothers with more children, but none with more love than I have for my one miracle. Enjoy the one home, your bond with her will be stronger than any other, because she will make it that way.

  5. Aww... you are fortunate to have such a smart, strong daughter! And I love that she doesn't take her gift for granted. I know she gets plenty of help and encouragement from you. Keep it up. I can't wait to see what she will do next!