Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Family Party on Sunday-Sneak peak- bring your strechy pants!

All of the food assignments have been made for our family party on Sunday and I resolved (on advice) not to worry about any cooking, but to concentrate on just providing the home for it.

Need I remind you, I have six kids!! Doing that is a task - like shoveling in a snowstorm! But I love to take on that kind of challenge. Not because I love to clean...heavens no! But because my children seem to be able to step it up more when there is promise of company in the near future. One day, I had given a couple of my younger children the task of washing walls. They did it my surprise. Then one of them asked me, "When will Uncle Kirk be here?" So... bring on the company!!!

Well, for anyone that knows me well, knows I would rather cook then clean. And cleaning the kitchen is only a necessity to begin the next cooking adventure.

Now, I am by no means a food blogger. For one reason, I would never be able to hold off the animals long enough to take a picture of our food. I have actually have tried. But I do stalk food bloggers on a daily basis though. One of my absolute favorites is... And this is one of the reasons why... (I stole this picture from her.) I was going to stick to my no cooking anything policy....

But then this came along. Chocolate Cookie Dough Dip. Where have you been hiding?

Who am I kidding? I love cooking! Especially, for family, friends and strangers, it brings me joy!

Now please help me decide what to dip in this besides a spoon!!!

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