Friday, December 3, 2010

Chaos!! But pretty things come out of Chaos!

So, this is what my craftroom/workout room look like right now!
After my 3 day binge of making jewelry for the Annual Neighborhood Boutique. This is what my life looks like. Everything gets put on hold and before I know it I am scrouging around for underwear for my 3 year old. Just calling like it is. I am no Martha!
And there is more. (That is my #2's pj pants in the bottom corner somehow this is a better room to change in when he is in a hurry for school and getting clothes from the laundry room.)
But this is the reward. Ahhhh... shiney! Enjoy!


  1. Gorgeous! Wow, I can't believe how messing that room is...;P

  2. If you look closer you may see a hint of some unfinished projects just waiting to be finish.

  3. i have a table that looks just like that........only difference is that it is right in my kitchen for all to see....*Sigh*

  4. Ha- sad thing is. This table hasn't changed much. I need to get it cleaned off before the New Year resolutions are in play! ie: Bob working out on the covered Bow Flex!