Friday, December 3, 2010

2010 Annual Neighborhood Boutique

This is the result from all the chaos above.
I have a few things left over and plan on making plenty more. I have so many more projects up my sleeve. Just not enough time. So let me know if you see anything you like!

These are what I call Bobbles. They go on the end of a chain necklace and are designed to switch out depending on your outfit. Above those are charms. They can go on your purse, keychain or cell phone. Bling it up! The photo in the background is my grandparent/parent's wedding photo. One of my favorite pictures of them.

Peace turquoise and topaz! And a close up of my Christmas Bobble! Once I made a Bobble at work and the Mike in the floral department asked me to make him a blingy black one for his keys! ha! Caught me off guard but I made him one. :)


  1. I SO need a boggle. I have one but nothing to change it out with.

  2. ha ha! I will let Sandy know! *wink* On a sidenote, how do I keep the top photos from running into my blog list? Any idea? It never really comes out right even after I check my preview.